Tim Hebble, the president of US Molders, upon establishing US Molders immediately set up a recycling program.  Scrap polyethylene pieces are placed in a holding area to be ground down to be used as regrind material.  Regrind polyethylene can be used in any existing rotational molds.  Regrind is offered as a lower cost alternative to customers compared to virgin material.  However, in an effort to control the quality of reprocessed material it is only offered in black.  Throughout the years, rotomolders have learned the only color you can guarantee in regrind with any certainty is black.  So, this material is typically used in less cosmetic pieces like:  material handling projects, tanks and agricultural equipment.

In an effort to use more recycled material, US Molders offers a unique program to our military customers.  We offer credit on any future purchase for our military products that have been returned to us after their useful life.

If you think that your product could be manufactured in reprocessed material, please ask to have your product quoted in “regrind” we will be happy to show you the possible savings.

Regrind is not the only “green” initiative that Tim established.  Throughout the years, US Molders has installed motion sensitive lighting.  This type of lighting saves greatly on electricity  by only lighting the areas within the plant with employees.  There are also the necessary bins inside the building to recycle paper, plastic water and soda bottles, cans, newspapers and magazines and gallon jugs.

US Molders is serious about making our plant “green” for our customers, our employers and the planet.

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