US Molders is a family ran rotational molder of plastics located in Northern Indiana. We pride ourselves on being able to meet any custom rotomolded needs for a variety of businesses including: tanks, covers, seating, medical and scientific components, agricultural items and military targets and accessories. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please call us. Our customer service, sales, engineering and production teams will help you with your rotomolding questions and concerns.

Whether you’re looking for just in time deliveries, fast turn-around times from print to product or conversion from metal to plastics; US Molders is the best custom rotational molding choice for your business. With a full staff on site in Indiana, you’ll have unprecedented customer service to guide you through the process.

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rotational molded plastic chairs US Molders Custom Molding

Rotational molding is an affordable way to create plastic hollow parts with much less tooling costs compared to other plastics processes. We can create anything from small, thin-walled parts to larger, more intricate products that most molders cannot fit onto their machines. With six machines, the largest having a 144” swing, US Molders has the capability of producing parts up to 144” in length. We currently mold parts from 5 ounces to over 400 pounds. We can create personalized and unique plastic parts by color matching and adding your business logos. Do you need precise measurements? US Molders has a 5 Axis CNC used for highly tight tolerance pieces. Do you need a Just-In-Time Program? US Molders offers stocking of product to ensure parts are readily available.


US Molders can help you design your part from prototypes and samples to large production runs. Check out our custom rotational molding page.


Rotational Molded Replica Tank US Molders Military MoldingAt US Molders our mission is to continue to provide and develop products that make it easier for training personnel to concentrate on their mission and not worry about procurement or field fabrication of training aids.

US Molders has become the sole source provider for many range targets and accessories due to the material’s durability, unique fabrication process and the superior quality and life span of the product. Our targets and range accessories comply with military specifications and standards and are in conformance with TC 25-8 requirements. Whether it is our standard products or new ideas to meet your ranges’ needs, our products consistently outlast and outperform other products on the range.