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If you have an idea you would like quoted or you would like to have an already existing mold quoted, let our custom sales team help you. The personal attention and quality service of US Molders will make your job of purchasing rotomolded plastics one less thing you will have to worry about. From small pieces to larger products, we can mold it all in a timely, efficient manner. We can quote basic plastic parts ready for your mating pieces or completed assemblies ready for shipment.

For more rotomolding information call or contact us and we’ll work with you to help build the product you need.

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Our custom rotational molder support specialists will be able to assist you with anything you need. 

TANKS, Including EPA Certified Fuel Tanks

US Molders can mold different varieties of tanks including fuel, hydraulic, agricultural, septic and water tanks.  We recently received a certification from the EPA for fuel tanks.  This certification ensures that US Molders has met the EPA’s strict emission standards for permeation. From small volume tanks to larger volume tanks, US Molders can mold the best plastic tank to suit the needs of your business.

Custom Covers

US Molders can design and create plastic covers, housings, and encasements. Some examples are:  plastic coverings for automatic car washes, floor machine covers, housings for specialty appliances and dashboards for heavy equipment. Our quality department ensures that your pieces are created to your exact specifications; so you know you’re getting the right fit every time.


Rotomolding is also a very popular method of creating products that retain heat or cold. Coolers are a recognizable product of this type of rotational molding. Foam can be molded between walls of polyethylene. This foam adheres to both walls of the piece and will not come loose.


Do you have a seating application or a current seat mold? Let US Molders help you with it. Rotational molding is ideal for high impact seating components. These seats can be used in arcades, boating, playground areas and pool areas.

Medical & Scientific Applications

US Molders can help you with your medical and scientific applications that can include everything from headboards for hospital beds to small containers. Other custom plastic applications have included toys, luggage, saddle bags and cases.

Our staff is dedicated to creating your custom products. Please call our offices at anytime with questions.