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Military Targets

From 100% hit registry, indefinite life spans, and the opportunity to provide a product that will meet your needs, US Molders is the right place for your plastic military targets.

US Molders’ rotomolding process is a very low-pressure system that does not induce stress into the material during the molding cycle; so our targets do not twist or warp.

To better assist you in being able to procure our military range targets and accessories, US Molders is registered as a small business, federal government contractor (SAM), and GSA contractor.

Large Firing Line Support

Range Accessories

From Small Firing Line Supports and Lane Markers to Full Scale Tanks, Barricades, and Jersey Barriers, US Molders continues to maintain        TC 25-8 requirements and meet your range needs.

Our mission is to do what we can to make your job easier, more effective, and more cost effective.

Download or view our Military Catalog.

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